Paul Turner Stats, Information And Video

Paul Turner Stats, Information And Video

Two years after the discovery, OMKO1 was utilized to a patient’s aortic graft that had turn into contaminated with P. aeruginosa . Following a single utility, the phage/antibiotic treatment resolved the infection with no signs of recurrence. “There is lots of energy in addressing general questions in biology utilizing the smallest inhabitants of the planet,” says Paul E. Turner, the Rachel Carson Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University.

Professor Turner works with colleagues at VECTOR to review the natural historical past and evolution of pathogenic RNA viruses corresponding to Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever. His non-research work focuses on improvement of human and laboratory capacity for diagnostic microbiology in low-resource settings. Turner makes a compelling case that viruses are more biologically profitable than mobile life, similar to in a 2013 evaluation that he coauthored . The article examines gauges of organic success, including numerical abundance, environmental tolerance, kind biodiversity, reproductive potential, and widespread impression on different organisms.

Evolutionary Constraints Of Viruses

Turner acquired quite a few skilled presents before accepting a position at Yale as assistant professor in the university’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2001. In 2002 he was invited to join the US delegation in a joint United States–Russia workshop on infectious disease in Novosibirsk. “I was honored to be selected for the delegation and to go to the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology , which homes considered one of only two samples in the world of the smallpox virus,” Turner says. Another analysis of RNA viruses discovered that when genetic adjustments randomly occur of their genomes, populations can evolve mutational robustness that buffers deleterious health effects . Since strong viruses tolerate higher mutation frequencies, evolution of robustness might allow much less accurate genome replication.

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Dr. Turner received a Biology degree from University of Rochester, and Ph.D. in Zoology from Michigan State University. He did postdoctoral training at National Institutes of Health, University of Valencia in Spain, and University of Maryland-College Park, earlier than joining Yale’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department in 2001. He chaired the Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship award committee for ASM, and obtained the E.E. Just Endowed Research Fellowship and William Townsend Porter Award from Marine Biological Laboratory, and fellowships from Woodrow Wilson Foundation, NSF, NIH and HHMI. Dr. Turner has served as Director of Graduate Studies and as Chair of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at Yale, in addition to Yale’s Dean of Science and Chair of the Biological Sciences Advisory and Tenure Promotion Committees.


In one other research his team demonstrated that a historical past of prior RNA virus evolution in multiple hosts can foster the emergence of those viruses in novel hosts . Infectious illnesses are prevalent in Cambodia, a rustic that is fighting poor infrastructure. Streptococcus pneumoniae causes essentially the most severe type of pneumonia and is now targeted by the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. Additionally, Turner’s group has demonstrated that viruses endure evolutionary commerce-offs across selective temperatures and throughout differing innate immune profiles of hosts.

  • Paul Turner is the Elihu Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University, and faculty member in Microbiology at Yale School of Medicine.
  • He also often collaborates along with his graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, crediting his college students and mentees for their inspiration and assist over time.
  • In 2016, he and his team isolated from a Connecticut pond a lytic phage, OMKO1, which assaults the frequent multidrug-resistant pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa .
  • at Imperial College London, where his sponsors embrace John Warner, Stephen Durham and Gideon Lack.

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