Photo : Franklin Joseph - Specialist in Women Safety, Women Self Defense and Women Psychological Empowerment against Crime, Violence, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse
quotesFear of a attack is more dangerous than a real attack. Fear of a girl is - she is considered physically weaker, with smaller size, less strength and prone to the blame factor for the crime etc. Hence, Martial arts / Self defense tricks is brought in to fill the gap. If foundation of being born a girl itself is believed to be so hollow inside, nothing external can make her confident or make her feel safe. Our society grass-roots level mindset need to change. And that change only a women is powerful enough to bring starting from herself, her family & her circle. Let's Change India. Jai Hind.quotes
Safety Specialist Franklin Joseph 'Dr. Safety'
C.E.O. | Child-Women Specialist on Crime, Violence, Harassment & Sexual Abuse | 2003 : Joined Krav-Maga | Social Entrepreneur | 1986 : Started Research on Abuse | Violence & Abuse Survivor since 4 years old | Speaker : +80 Corporate / College / Schools | Featured : TOI, HT, Bang. Mirror, NDTV, CNN-Ibn, TimesNow, TV9 etc.
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